Biomedical and Life Sciences Roadmap Discussion Paper Consultation

Closed 12 Aug 2016

Opened 27 Jun 2016


The Department of State Development is preparing a Queensland Biomedical and Life Sciences 10-Year Roadmap, in consultation with relevant stakeholders, to diversify Queensland's industry base, create high-value, knowledge based jobs and drive export growth.

The life sciences sector in Queensland includes activities in human and animal health and disease (biomedical sciences).  The life sciences sector also encompasses applications in agricultural, environment and industry biotechnology.

The roadmap will focus on the application of the biomedical life sciences to leverage existing Queensland industry strengths and capitalise on the Queensland and Australian governments' investment in research, development and innovation.

Why your views matter

To help inform the roadmap for this industry the department has developed a discussion paper to engage with industry and identify opportunities for Queensland to grow this sector.

The paper's content has been drawn together through preliminary consultation with industry peak bodies and business and provides a broad overview of the industry, its opportunities and challenges.

The department is now seeking further input from stakeholders about the issues raised in the discussion paper, particularly from existing and emerging enterprises within the industry.  The paper poses a series of questions aimed at stimulating discussion and feedback.

This survey is not designed to be an exhaustive list of questions. If you have any other ideas or comments to add please feel free to do so at the end of the survey.


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