Consultation Report on the post-implementation review of the Strong and Sustainable Resource Communities Act 2017

Closed 4 May 2021

Opened 1 Feb 2021


Queensland’s Coordinator-General invites you to have your say on the Consultation Report for the post-implementation review (the review) of the Strong and Sustainable Resource Communities Act 2017 (the Act).

The Consultation Report details key findings of the review to date, including draft recommendations on the future of the Act. Several questions are included throughout the Consultation Report seeking your views on the effectiveness of the Act and/or further information to quantify the issues the Act is intended to address. These are consolidated in the following survey for your consideration.

Comments on the Consultation Report will be accepted between 1 February 2021 and 4 May 2021.

Your comments, including any personal information you provide, will not be disclosed to third parties.

How to comment

  1. Read the Consultation Report here
  2. Click on the “Make a comment’ link below.


Send your comments to one of the following (using this form):

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The Office of the Coordinator-General

SSRC Act – Post Implementation Review Team
Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning

PO Box 15517, CITY EAST QLD 4002 Australia

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+61 7 3220 6502

What happens next

All comments received on the Consultation Report will be considered by the Coordinator-General and used to inform the Decision (Final) Review Report and recommendations to the Queensland Government on the future of the Act.


  • Community
  • Industry
  • State government


  • Economic development
  • Land and asset management
  • Major projects
  • Resources
  • Environmental impact statement
  • Local Government