Proposed Abbot Point Port and Wetland Project at the Port of Abbot Point, North Queensland (EPBC2014/7355)

Closed 18 Dec 2014

Opened 4 Dec 2014


The Minister for Economic Development Queensland is proposing to construct dredged material containment ponds and a rail embankment at the Port of Abbot Point, North Queensland.

The proposed action is a controlled action under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) and is being assessed through preliminary documentation. The controlling provisions for assessment are:

  • World Heritage properties (sections 12, 15A)
  • National Heritage places (sections 15B, 15C)
  • Listed threatened species and communities (Sections 18, 18A)
  • Listed migratory species (sections 20, 20A)
  • Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (sections 24B, 24C).

In accordance with Section 95A (3) preliminary documentation will be available for viewing and public comment for a period of 10 business days.

Interested persons and organisations are invited to submit comments in writing on the published materials.

Please also refer to the offshore works invitation for public comment (‘Abbot Point Dredging and Onshore Placement of Dredged Material’ or referral 2014/7356).

Comments are to be received by 5.00pm, 18 December 2014.

About the project

The Abbot Point Port and Wetlands Strategy will enable dredged material from the Port of Abbot Point expansion to be beneficially re-used on land rather than disposing of it at sea in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

The project is subject to a full environmental assessment under the Commonwealth Government's Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, in addition to more than 15 Queensland Government approvals.
The strategy includes two separate referrals:

The Abbot Point Port and Wetlands straregy includes a commitment to work with locals and experts to preserve and enhance the Caley Valley Wetlands, just inland from the coastal port infrastructure. Location of the onshore placement ponds will impact a small area of wetlands - less than five per cent of the total area. In return, a program of rehabilitation and conservation is proposed.

The Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning, working closely with the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, is setting up a local community reference group to help guide future plans for the wetlands.

How to comment

1. Read the preliminary documentation online


Visit one of the following display locations between 4 December 2014 and 18 December 2014 to view printed copies of the preliminary documentation:

  • Mackay City Library, Civic Precinct, Gordon Street, Mackay
  • QSuper Building, 63 George Street, Brisbane
  • The State Library of Queensland, Cultural Precinct, Stanley Place, South Bank, Brisbane


If you have special communication needs, please phone the project team on +61 7 3452 6921.

2. Send your submission to one of the following:

Abbot Point Port and Wetlands Strategy
Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning
PO Box 15009
City East Qld 4002



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