CopperString (2032) Project – project change application (Hughenden workers accommodation camp)

Closed 12 Apr 2024

Opened 18 Mar 2024


Queensland's Coordinator-General invites you to have your say on an application for project change for the CopperString (2032) Project – Hughenden workers accommodation camp.

The Coordinator-General’s evaluation report on the environmental impact statement for the CopperString Project was released on 28 September 2022.

Powerlink Queensland recently submitted an application to the Coordinator-General to change the location of the previously evaluated workers accommodation camp in Hughenden. 

The change involves re-locating the workers accommodation camp, which was to be located to the north of Hughenden on Flynn Street on Lot 156 on H20323, Lot 24 and 29 on H20328 and Lot 118 on DG118, which is state owned land held in trust by Flinders Shire Council. The new proposed location is to the south of Hughenden on the Flinders Highway on Lot 129 on SP119557, which is state owned land held in trust by Flinders Shire Council.

The new workers accommodation camp is proposed to accommodate between 410 – 450 workers (with a periodic peak of 550) and will include both the Flinders substation workforce and the transmission line workforce.

The Coordinator-General will consider all properly made submissions before preparing a change report either approving or refusing the change.

How to make a submission

There are a number of different ways to provide comments on the application. You only need to provide comments using one of these methods. Replicated responses received through different methods will only be counted as one submission.  

1. Read the application for project change here


Visit the following display location between Monday, 18 March 2024 and Friday, 12 April 2024 to view a printed copy of the application for project change:

  • Flinders Shire Public Library, Cnr Gray and Brodie Street, Hughenden

2. Provide your submission by clicking on the 'Make a submission' link below


Send your submission to one of the following:


PostAttention: Coordinator-General
          C/- Project Manager, CopperString (2032) Project
          Office of the Coordinator-General
          PO Box 15517
          City East QLD 4002 Australia

Note: If you wish to attach anything (e.g. maps, images or supporting documents), please use the email option instead of the online form.


What happens next

After consultation closes, the Coordinator-General evaluates all properly made submissions and the proponent’s project change application. The Coordinator-General then prepares a change report either approving or refusing the change and specifying any consequential changes to approval conditions to manage the potential impacts of the changes.


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