Scenic Rim Agricultural Industrial Precinct project – draft impact assessment report

Closes 26 Jun 2020

Opened 16 May 2020


Queensland's Coordinator-General invites you to have your say on the draft impact assessment report (IAR) for the Scenic Rim Agricultural Industrial Precinct project.

Prepared by Kalfresh Pty Ltd, the draft IAR describes the project and its potential direct and indirect environmental impacts, both positive and negative. 

You are invited to make a submission on the draft IAR, including on the project’s potential environmental impacts and the effectiveness of the measures proposed to manage those impacts. 

The Coordinator-General will consider all submissions as part of the evaluation.

About the project

The proponent, Kalfresh Pty Ltd (Kalfresh), proposes to construct the Scenic Rim Agricultural Industrial Precinct project. The project is located at 6200-6206 Cunningham Highway at Kalbar in the Scenic Rim region. The project site is located across Lot 1 on RP216694, Lots 2-4 on SP192221, Lot 2 on RP20974 and Lot 2 on RP44024.

The proposal is to establish approximately 40 hectares (ha) of land for an integrated agricultural industrial processing precinct, with a renewable energy power facility, converting waste to energy.

The key features of the project:

  • conversion of rural zoned land to 40 ha of industrial lots ranging from 0.2 ha to 5 ha
  • 1.6 megawatt (MW) (scalable to 10 MW) renewable energy power facility, producing baseload power to supply the industrial precinct and the electricity grid
  • 50,000 tonne per annum composting facility
  • manufacturing plants for vegetable processing 
  • internal roads and project offices 
  • intersection to Cunningham Highway
  • onsite sewerage and wastewater treatment.

The proponent is seeking a preliminary approval under the Planning Act 2016 to vary the effect of the Scenic Rim Planning Scheme 2020 (variation request) from the Rural Zone to establish the Rural Zone (SRAIP Rural Precinct) and the Industrial Zone (SRAIP Industrial Precinct). The proposal for a preliminary approval includes a plan of development, defined activity groups for the proposed precincts, level of assessment tables and development codes. These would regulate the assessment of subsequent development applications on the site for material change of use, reconfiguring a lot and operational works. 

The draft IAR is available online from 16 May 2020 at A copy of the draft IAR is also available on a USB or in hardcopy from the proponent free of charge by contacting via telephone 07 5410 7700 or email

Submissions on the draft IAR are invited between Saturday, 16 May and 5 pm on Friday, 26 June 2020.

How to make a submission

There are three different ways to make a submission on this draft IAR. You only need to lodge your submission using one of these methods. Replicated responses received through different methods will only be counted as one submission.  

  1. Click on the ‘Make a submission’ link below 
  2. Email your submission to 
  3. Post your submission to:

    Attention: Coordinator-General
    C/- IAR Project Manager, Scenic Rim Agricultural Industrial Precinct project
    Coordinated Project Delivery
    Office of the Coordinator-General
    PO Box 15517
    City East QLD 4002 Australia 

Note: If you wish to attach anything to your submission (e.g. maps, images or supporting documents), please use the email option instead of the online form.

What happens next

The Coordinator-General will consider all submissions and the draft IAR provided by the proponent, before considering to accept as the final IAR.

The Coordinator-General will prepare a final evaluation report on the final IAR either approving or refusing the project.

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