Resource Recovery Industry Development Program: Stream Three Detailed Application

Closes 11 Sep 2021

Opened 10 Sep 2018


The Queensland Government is committed to diverting waste from landfill and revolutionising our state’s recycling, resource recovery and biofutures industries. That’s why we’ve committed $100 million over three years to the Resource Recovery Industry Development Program (RRIDP).

This form is to apply for stream three of the RRIDP, the Resource Recovery Investment Pipeline Fund. Stream three offers support toward capital intensive, long lifecycle projects that require support for investigations to assist with investment decisions for Queensland. Stream three applications are a single-stage detailed assessment process.

How to complete this form

  • Read the guidelines that accompany this application form.
  • Complete Parts A, B (including the materials flow calculator), C, D and E through the link below and submit. 
  • You must answer all questions in this form. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The department may request additional information to support the evaluation process.
  • Documents you will need to include with your application are:
    • materials flow calculator
    • the current year's financial statements and audited financial statements for the previous three years. If the applicant is a new trading entity and financial statements are not available, the following may be considered:
      • the financial statements of another entity with a common Directorate
      • if the entity has been operating for less than 1 year, then an account prepared (by a CPA and CA qualified accountant) for the duration of operation.
      • if the entity is a subsidiary company, then the financial statement of the parent company.
    • resumes of key staff responsible for delivery of the project
    • supporting evidence such as quotations, agreements, letters of support and memoranda of understanding
    • specific relevant information on key suppliers/technologies, including reference projects (do not submit general marketing materials that are not directly relevant to the application).

If you need assistance preparing your application please contact the RRIDP team through the details on this page, or speak with the relevant regional office.

Note: For the purposes of this application “activity” refers to the proposed study to be funded by this application. “Project” refers to the investment which may be the eventual result of the activity. For example: if the application is a feasibility study for the establishment of a recycling facility, the feasibility study is the activity and the recycling facility is the project.


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