Public consultation on a potential expansion of the Cairns South State Development Area and the draft development scheme

Closed 11 Oct 2019

Opened 10 Sep 2019


The Cairns South State Development Area (SDA) was declared in November 2018 as a special economic zone for regionally significant industrial development to support the long-term needs of the economy and create jobs.

Potential expansion of the Cairns South SDA

The Coordinator-General has identified an opportunity to expand the Cairns South SDA to include land around the Mulgrave Mill at Gordonvale.

The potential SDA expansion would support the Mulgrave Mill's future diversification plans, including industrial development opportunities that value add to the sugar refining process. The potential SDA expansion would also provide greater certainty to the sugar industry by retaining land for cane supply to the Mulgrave Mill in the Rural Use Precinct as well as protecting the Mulgrave Mill from urban encroachment.

Draft development scheme

Each SDA in Queensland is subject to a development scheme, a regulatory document that controls land use and development in the SDA.

A draft development scheme has now been prepared which considers both the Cairns South SDA and the potential SDA expansion. The draft development scheme has been informed by engagement with key stakeholders and detailed technical analysis, including consideration of site characteristics, infrastructure and traffic requirements, and social, economic and environmental factors.

Ten development precincts are identified in the draft Cairns South SDA development scheme, which facilitate:

  • the establishment of regionally significant industrial development
  • the establishment of a regional intermodal facility
  • the development of priority industries, including biofutures, advanced manufacturing and defence
  • the diversification of the Mulgrave Mill and bio-industrial development
  • the management of potential impacts on the sugar industry by retaining approximately 60% of the SDA for sugar cane farming and research while promoting a staged approach to industrial development
  • the protection of environmental, cultural heritage, and community values.

The Coordinator-General invites you to have your say on the potential SDA expansion and the draft development scheme for the Cairns South SDA.

Please note: mapping within the draft development scheme for the Cairns South SDA was updated on 17 September 2019 to include the sugar cane rail and other minor administrative amendments. 

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How to make a submission

You can make a submission on the potential SDA expansion and the draft Cairns South SDA development scheme using one of the following methods:

The Coordinator-General
Cairns South State Development Area
Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning
PO Box 15517
City East QLD 4002

A submission must meet the following criteria:

  • be made to the Coordinator-General in writing or electronically
  • be received on or before the last day of the consultation period
  • state the name of each person who made the submission
  • clearly state the matters that you are concerned about or interested in
  • provide any factual information that you have relied on, and the source of this information
  • suggest measures you consider would be appropriate to inform a decision about the potential SDA expansion and the draft Cairns South SDA development scheme.

Feedback is invited until Friday, 11 October 2019.

What happens next

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