Public consultation on a proposed variation to the Gladstone State Development Area boundary and draft Gladstone State Development Area Development Scheme

Closed 8 Nov 2021

Opened 24 Sep 2021


Declared in 1993, the Gladstone State Development Area (SDA), located north-west of Gladstone, is a defined area of land dedicated for industrial development and materials transportation infrastructure.

Comprising of 27,194 hectares of land adjacent to the Port of Gladstone, with connections to major rail networks and Australia's national highway, the Gladstone SDA is the ideal investment location for projects of national and international significance.

To ensure the Gladstone SDA remains an attractive prospect for future industrial development, the Coordinator-General has undertaken a comprehensive review of the Gladstone SDA.

Proposed variation to the Gladstone SDA boundary

The Coordinator-General is considering changing the boundary of the Gladstone SDA (known as a ‘variation’) to remove some sections of land to reduce complexity and burden on landowners and to better align with the intent of the Gladstone SDA.

Draft development scheme

Each SDA in Queensland is subject to a development scheme, a regulatory document that controls land-use and development in the SDA.

The development scheme is unique to the Gladstone SDA, and identifies the preferred land uses for the area and opportunities and constraints to development. It also sets out the process for making an application or request to the Coordinator-General for assessment and decision.

The Coordinator-General has prepared a draft development scheme for the Gladstone SDA in response to the comprehensive review undertaken.

The Coordinator-General invites you to have your say on the proposed variation to the Gladstone SDA boundary and the draft development scheme for the Gladstone SDA.

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How to make a submission

You can make a submission on the potential variation to the Gladstone SDA boundary and the draft development scheme for the Gladstone SDA using one of the following methods:

           Office of the Coordinator-General
           Gladstone State Development Area
           PO Box 15517
           City East QLD 4002

A submission must meet the following criteria:

  • be made to the Coordinator-General in writing or electronically
  • be received on or before the last day of the consultation period
  • state the name of each person who made the submission
  • clearly state the matters that you are concerned about or interested in
  • provide any factual information that you have relied on, and the source of this information
  • suggest measures you consider would be appropriate to inform a decision about the draft development scheme for the Gladstone SDA and potential variation to the boundary.

What happens next

You can have a section here to let people know what happens next if you choose - this is optional.


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