KUR-World Integrated Eco-Resort project - draft terms of reference for an environmental impact statement

Closed 26 Sep 2016

Opened 27 Aug 2016


Queensland's Coordinator-General invites you to have your say on the draft terms of reference (TOR) for an environmental impact statement (EIS) for the KUR-World Integrated Eco-Resort.

Prepared by the Coordinator-General, the draft TOR sets out the matters Reever and Ocean Developments Pty Ltd must address when preparing the EIS. You are invited to comment on whether the draft TOR covers all the matters Reever and Ocean Developments Pty Ltd must address when preparing the EIS. The Coordinator-General will consider your comments before finalising the TOR.


About the project

The proponent, Reever and Ocean Developments Pty Ltd, proposes to develop the $640 million KUR-World Integrated Eco-Resort. The project is at Barnwell Road, Myola, approximately 20 kilometres north-west of Cairns and 4 kilometres west of Kuranda. The total land holding has an area of 626.64 hectares of which approximately 230 hectares would be developed

The project involves the development of a luxury hotel and residential accommodation; education and business facilities; rejuvenation, health and wellbeing services; and adventure and recreation facilities.

The Commonwealth Minister for the Environment has determined that the project is likely to have a significant impact upon matters of national environmental significance, and will require approval under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cwlth) (EPBC Act) before it can proceed. The relevant matters are:

  • World Heritage properties (sections 12 and 15A)
  • National Heritage places (sections 15B and 15C)
  • Listed threatened species and communities (sections 18 and 18A)
  • Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (sections 24B and 24C)


How to comment

There are a number of different ways to provide comments on this draft TOR. You only need to provide comments using one of these methods.

1. Read the draft TOR here


Visit one of the following display locations between 29 August 2016 and 27 September 2016 to view a printed copy of the draft TOR:

  • Kuranda Library, 18-22 Arara Street, Kuranda
  • National Library of Australia, Parks Place W, Canberra, ACT
  • Smithfield Library, 70 Cheviot Street, Smithfield
  • State Library of Queensland, Cultural Centre, Stanley Place, South Bank, Brisbane.

2. Provide your comments by clicking on the 'Make a comment' link below


Send your comments to one of the following:

  • Email: kur-world@coordinatorgeneral.qld.gov.au
  • Post: Project manager, KUR-World Integrated Eco-Resort project
    Coordinated Project Delivery Division
    Office of the Coordinator-General
    PO Box 15517
    City East Qld 4002 Australia
  • Fax: +61 7 3220 6502

Note: If you wish to attach anything (e.g. maps, images or supporting documents), please use the email option instead of the online form.

What happens next

The Coordinator-General will consider all comments received on the draft terms of reference (TOR), then issue a final TOR to the project proponent. The proponent then has 18 months to prepare a draft environmental impact statement in accordance with the final TOR.


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