Superyacht Industry Development Fund – International Certification and Accreditation Funding

Closes 14 Feb 2020

Applicant details

1. Applicant
2. Business principal
3. Registered head office address
4. Address of premises located in Queensland
5. Website
6. ABN
7. Email
8. In what year was the business established?
9. In what year was the business established in Queensland?
10. Contact person for correspondence
11. Number of employees

A Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) employee relates to the corresponding number of full-time hours worked by one or more part-time employees. Full-time hours equal 8 hours per day, 5 work days per week (i.e. 2,080 hours per year).

12. Annual business turnover for 2018-19
13. Total amount sought from this fund
14. Describe the goods, services or technology (including intellectual property) your business provides or intends to provide to the superyacht industry
15. Which option(s) below best describe your business’s current participation in the superyacht industry supply chain?