Queensland Recycling Modernisation Fund (QRMF) - application form

Closes 7 Sep 2021

Opened 13 Jul 2021


The Queensland Recycling Modernisation Fund (QRMF) is a joint initiative supported by the Queensland and Australian Governments to invest in new infrastructure that sorts, processes, recycles and remanufactures waste streams subject to ban from export. The key outcome sought through the QRMF is acceleration of projects that address critical infrastructure gaps in Queensland’s waste management and resource recovery industries.

Projects should contribute to moving Queensland towards a circular economy by adding value to waste resources and retaining them where possible within local economies.

The QRMF is focused on:

  • attracting private sector investment in new infrastructure with a focus on these waste streams:
    • waste plastic
    • mixed and unsorted paper and cardboard
    • unprocessed glass, in a whole or broken state (both formed packaging and flat sheet glass) and
    • whole used tyres, including baled tyres.
  • improving sorting, processing, recycling and remanufacturing of waste
  • facilitating waste avoidance, landfill diversion (including stockpile diversion/reduction) and recycling activities
  • creating economic development opportunities particularly in regional areas
  • creating job development opportunities particularly in regional areas
  • building a stronger onshore recycling industry by developing new domestic markets for recycled materials
  • addressing Queensland’s regional and remote waste challenges where possible.

The QRMF will be continuously monitored and reviewed to ensure that objectives are achieved.  The guidelines may be updated in future should further funding rounds be offered.

How to complete this form

  • Read the QRMF Guidelines that accompany this application form first.
  • Complete Parts A, B, C, D (including the Detailed Data Template) and E and submit by 5 pm, 7 September 2021.
  • If you have any questions you can contact the program team on 13 QGOV or at qrmf@dsdilgp.qld.gov.au
  • You must answer all questions in this form.
  • It is recommended you save a copy of this form to prepare your responses then copy and paste the responses into the online form.
  • Your final submission must still be completed through the online form.
  • To submit your application, you will need to complete the application form, complete and upload the detailed data template provided and upload all other documentation that supports your project application.
  • To help you prepare your application, you can download and review a copy of the application. Your final submission must still be completed through this online form.

Privacy notice

Personal information you provide will be used by the Department of State Development, Infrstructure, Local Government and Planning to assess this application under the Guidelines and this information may be disclosed to contractors engaged by the department and to other Queensland Government agencies for this purpose.


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